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Lunch today: leftover braised beef over zucchini, with avocado and homemade mayo. 

I sliced the zukes into rounds, sprinkled them with salt & pepper and sautéed them in coconut oil until lightly brown.  Then I added some minced garlic and a big splash if chicken broth.  I lowered the heat and put a lid on the skillet until they were soft.  Delicious. 


I have the best husband ever! I call him Coach because that’s what he does.  He lives, breathes, reads, sleeps football. His team even made the play-offs this year. Go Team!

He is also our household cook.  He likes to eat.  Years ago after I took a day job, he took over cooking.

Most days it’s stuff thrown in the crock-pot. We both work long hours and the stay at home offspring only cooks pizza.

Tonight he made this.

I had to remind him that while I’m on the Whole30 the barbecue sauce is out.  So he did the wonderful thing and made 2 pans. One for him loaded with BBQ sauce and one for me completely without. 🙂

See why I love him so?

Now after dinner when I started cleaning I realized I had two zucchini in the fridge that needed to be cooked ASAP.  They were getting all soft, not yet wrinkly and rotten but getting close to throw away stage.

I’ve pinned several recipes for zucchini roll-ups.  One has sausage in the middle. A couple have pesto but I don’t have the makings for pesto.  One has an artichoke spread in it and of course, my artichokes are bottled with SOY!  crappity crapcrap!  What to do?

I dug out my mandolin slicer and started slicing and thinking, thinking and slicing.  I seared the first batch of zucchini in the skillet and realized I have the making of a delicious chicken salad!

This would probably work on the GF grill also.

Chicken, Onion, Sweet Potato, Carrot, pepper, homemade mayo.

(lightbulb moment)

I scooped some of Coach’s delicious chicken bake into my tiny chopper and whirred until the mix was pretty fine but not paste-y.

homemade mayo, yo!

Then I stirred in the mayo to make a creamy chicken salad.

I spread the chicken salad on the zucchini stripped and rolled them up.

Gratuitous photo of chicken salad smothered zucchini slice.

Beautiful and tasty.  I can’t wait to make everyone at work jealous of my culinary skills 😉

Photo taken under the fluorescent lighting of my work place.

Izabella loves people food. She also loves raw zucchini and was waiting for me to drop some.


These are not the actual zucchini used in this recipe.

I tried the zucchini recipe over at GreenLiteBites today and it is fabulous!

Of course my husband, the non-veggie eater, said it would taste better without the zucchini. But what does he know!

You guys have got to try this!


It’s easy and delicious.

Go on! What are you waiting for? You know you’ve just been waiting for a delicious zucchini recipe to come along.

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