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Lunch today: leftover braised beef over zucchini, with avocado and homemade mayo. 

I sliced the zukes into rounds, sprinkled them with salt & pepper and sautéed them in coconut oil until lightly brown.  Then I added some minced garlic and a big splash if chicken broth.  I lowered the heat and put a lid on the skillet until they were soft.  Delicious. 


Farmer’s Market


Berries with coconut cream


Home cooking

Paleo squash casserole, green beans (from the market) almondine, grilled steaks.


Paleo choco chips cookies

Fun shopping:

I wish I had bought it.

I keep wondering how I’m going to title all the blog posts after my whole 30 challenge is over. I’m not very clever with titles.

Day 23, January 28.  Otherwise known as the day hell froze over.  Wait, it’s only feels like hell during July and August.
I mean the South of course. Yes everything is shut down. Atlantans have it the worse, I think.  First they didn’t expect the worst. The lower part of the state was to get hit worse than Atlanta and that just didn’t happen. So many are stranded on the interstate. This is what happens when most of the exit ramps are inclines and trucks and heavy autos don’t have snow tires or chains. Really why would they?  We get snow once every 5 or 6 years, usually in March or April and it last one day at the longest. Let’s not even talk about the kids stranded at schools. At least they have stocked cafeterias, supervision, and things to do. Not an ideal situation at all. Someone really did not plan well.

I woke up early enough to make breakfast, take the Coach to the auto shop to drop off his truck and bring him back home, and get to work an hour early. I am super wife. I think it’s the greens.
Bacon egg cups.  Yummy!
 photo photo1_zpsa2df2c07.jpg

 photo photo5_zps240278d6.jpg

My office closed early today so everyone had no lunch at work. Lunch didn’t happen until about 3PM. I think it was paleo sloppy Joe, an avocado, and a Clementine.

Coach had ribs in the clock pot. Riiiiiiiibsssss.
 photo IMG_2711_zpse81487ae.jpg

And he made dessert. Apples with Sun butter, coconut butter, flakes coconut and cooked in the cockpit for a couple of hours. It was good but probably not something week cook again.
 photo photo3_zpse108fd59.jpg

And a final photo of our snowpocalypse.
 photo IMG_2725_zpsacca81e9.jpg

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The Starting Line

November 2, 2009 Weight: 202.6 lbs BMI 37.28

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