Finally Getting Fit


What about Me?

I’m a  Wife.  Mother. Daughter. Sister.

I’m a middle-aged adolescent.  I can turn just about anything into double entendre. My mind mostly lives in the gutter. Cakewrecks is one of my favorite websites mostly because of all the frosting phalluses (phalli?) that cake decorators unwittingly create.

I love my family and want to lose the fat and become a better me as much as for them as for myself.

I love music and love to dance. I’ve been belly dancing since 2005. I’m trying to find a clogging instructor so I can go back to that. In the meantime I’m trying out a little burlesque dance.  Old school is the way to go!

I have 1 tattoo and 1 body piercing. Of course, my ears are pierced. Aren’t everyone’s?

I love to waste away the days in front of the computer and it will be struggle to get my fat ass up and move it instead of sit here and surf.

I think I’m smart but not deserving.

I love pretty clothes and jewelry but don’t wear much of either.

I spend my work hours in scrubs and my home hours in flannels or sweats.

I have the cutest little dog ever. Izzabella. She’s part papillon and part Jack Russell. She’s furry, yippy, and fast but loves to cuddle and have her belly rubbed.

I’m here because I’m hoping that the public accountability here will keep my ass moving and my hands from shoveling gummy bears and Butterfingers in my mouth all day. I’m counting on you people to help keep me in line.

I read the Wheat Belly book  by Dr. William Davis in… 2012, maybe.  It took me about 18 months of practice to give up wheat & corn products.  I found out that wheat products give me cystic acne. I slice of pizza and I’ll have a big cyst on my chin or in my hair line.  EVERY. TIME.   Corn gives me reflux. Tortilla chips, taco shells… EVERY. TIME.

January 1, 2014: I’ve started the Whole30. The sugar/aspartame withdrawal is no joke.  I still have my coffee so I know it’s not caffeine withdrawal causing the headaches.  It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next.

Do me a one itsy favor. Drop if a comment before you leave, please. Just so that I know someone was here.  Thanks.


8 Responses to "About"

I found your blog via Shrinking Jeans. Love the information you have on here. Will be checking back often. Good Luck on the jorney of weight loss.

I was here 🙂 came over because your “to be or not to be” post could have been written by me.

Hi Debra, I found your blog via a belly dance blog ? I’m just starting it and already totally inspired. You rock, woman.

found you on wouldacouldashoulda! neat blog! victoria

Hi Debra, I love following your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. You can read all about it here

Please don’t feel that you have to comply with the ‘rules’, I just wanted others to find your wonderful blog.

Thank you for the love. 🙂

Love the blog! I’m currently on Day 4 of Whole 30 and it is definitely a test!!! I didn’t realize how much crap they add to everyday foods!

it’s a real eye-opener for sure.

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