Finally Getting Fit

Plaintain and Apple Fritters

Posted on: September 16, 2014

Several Paleo sites are previewing a recipe from Sarah Ballantynes’s new book.
I got it from here.
Here is what her pic looks like:

Found on Google images.

Here’s mine:


They are good. Very very very sweet. Even though the look like sausage.
Go get the recipe and eat them with coconut whipped cream.

Tips: make them tiny. Like silver dollar pancake tiny. I used a non-stick skillet and didn’t need a whole lot if oil. They did better without it actually. I can’t advise on cooking in a cast-iron pan. I would imagine you need to make sure it is very well seasoned before you try these.

They are sticky. The sugar from the fruits “melts.” If stack them hit the are going to stick together. Make sure you have a biggish platter lay them out on.

Now. Ready. Set. Go cook!


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