Finally Getting Fit

Picnic Day

Posted on: September 6, 2014

Today was the revival of the employee picnic at my job.  It should have been called “special employee jean day to stand in 100 degree heat and die just to get a burger, hotdog, coleslaw, and cotton candy day.”   I knew there would be nothing for me but I went with my unit anyway.  I looked around, said hi to a few people, and left.

My lunch was decidedly much better and a thousand times more nutritious.


Okay….it doesn’t look better.  But trust me. It was. More of the roasted Brussels sprouts with mushrooms and bacon. (I think I have one serving left)  Paleo taco meat with Coach’s own homemade taco seasoning, an avocado, and tomato. I added some chopped up tomato to make a poor man’s quac.

I do feel the need to contact admin about the offerings at the picnic. For a facility that prides itself on its diversity it didn’t show that.  There was nothing for the vegetarians (of which we have many) and nothing for the food sensitive.  I guess we’re just expected to roll with it. 


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