Finally Getting Fit

Whole30 Review

Posted on: September 1, 2014

If you’ve been following me  then you know my whole30 ended up being a whole23 because of a CHOICE I made one Saturday afternoon.

Let’s start with how I feel.

Overall, I feel great.  I’m sleeping better. Oh… so much better.    My muscles and joints haven’t had that achy, pinchy, tired feeling that I get when I over-indulge (or sometimes just indulge) in sugar.

Since my bad decision on Day 23 I have made two more bad decisions.  Both involved French fries and a sauce made with sugar.   Let today be the end of that.   I do hereby declare wings and fries to be poison to my system.

How I think I did: meh.  I didn’t eat enough vegetables.  I KNOW this in my heart.  A lot of days started with coffee and maybe a meat on the way to work.  No veggie.  A lot of lunches were meat and a fat, maybe a tiny bit of veggie but not enough.   Not once this go around did I roast broccoli or Brussels sprouts. Not once this time did I make cauliflower rice.   I made a few servings of veggie noodles,  made some eggplant dip and at that with veggies but I KNOW… deep deep down, I KNOW that I should have put forth a bit more effort in the veggie department.

I will continue on.  I just came from the grocery with eggplant, spaghetti squash, mushrooms, bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and a cauliflower.  I have some summer squash, cabbage, and cucumbers in the fridge.

23 days until my birthday.  I will be 49. I’m ready for it.  Until then I get to go see an ortho about my knee.  I have no idea what I’ve done.  Coach seems to think I’ve torn the meniscus.  I know it hurts to walk, hurts to drive, hurts to dance (and I TEACH!) and pinches like a mofo when I bend it to go down stairs.   This is the not same type of hurt that I got when I was full of gluten and sugar.  This is very different, localized with some point tenderness.

Oh, the joys of getting old.  I’m sure my years of martial arts, and my big fat self trying to run half marathons while eating a standard crappy diet didn’t help my poor joints any.  Now I get to pay the price.



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