Finally Getting Fit

T-41 Birthday Countdown Thursday

Posted on: August 15, 2014

Whole30 day 14.

Breakfast: Ground pork sausage balls.  I’ve been eating on these a couple of days now. They look like a kid’s mudpie with torn up paper in them.  They’re kind of bland but they have meat, veggie, fat, all rolled into one bite.  I like them well enough.  I will add a little more kick next time though.


Lunch: Cinnamon skillet pork chop w/onion and carrot, sliced tomato, a little homemade mayo.

Pre-dance: Peach, pork rinds (I KNOW! I have to replace these), olives

2 hours of a kick ass dance class!

Post-dance: More pork balls dipped in the left over mayo, blueberries



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