Finally Getting Fit

T-46 Birthday Countdown — Saturday

Posted on: August 11, 2014

Saturday was busy busy busy. It’s show day. Lots of prep and panic.

One of our performers and a good friend had a medical emergency so right after my coffee I was speeding out to the hospital. Everyone is fine but it meant she had to drop out of the show. I picked up all the supplies that she was donating and sped back home.

Back home I started laundry, started a batch of deviled eggs, and mixed a marinade for some baked wings. All whole30 compliant.

About 2 hours before leaving home I finished the eggs and baked the wings.

Breakfast: Coffee, sloppy joe meat
Snack: Peach
Lunch: Curried chicken, boiled egg, mayo
Snack: 1 chicken wing
Post-show dinner: 3 applegate weiners, wings, carrots, broccoli, tomato, strawberries

I didn’t even indulge in the champagne toast. Our director brought me sparkling water instead.

Getting corseted. Fun times.


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