Finally Getting Fit

T-51 Birthday Countdown

Posted on: August 4, 2014

I love that I can just use the countdown to my birthday as blog post titles.  I hate having to come up with a clever title. This is easy.

Normally, I would be writing this out on my tiny phone but I have lost it. Lost the phone and the pictures on it. 😦  I hope I find it tomorrow.  I hope that the person who took it off the shelf puts it back after she finds out it’s password protected and she can’t use it.

Breakfast: tropical coffee, 2 strips bacon, 2 eggs, golden zoodles cooked in ghee.

Lunch: golden zoodles cooked in ghee, whole30 compliant sloppy joe meat, 1/2 dill pickle

Boar’s head has dill pickles that have no Yellow #5 artificial coloring added. Yay!

Dinner: 2 Applegate weiners, 1/2 strawberry papaya.

Snack: 3 Date/Almond clusters.

And other than losing my phone… it’s been a good day

Update: found the phone.





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