Finally Getting Fit

Tuesday’s Larder

Posted on: July 16, 2014

Again no photos. Just diary.

Today was hard. I’m not sure why. I did cheat a little. I’m not proud. Just honest.

breakfast : coffee with coconut milk

lunch: spaghetti, Paleo sloppy joe meat, Brussels sprouts, butter

snack: Larabar
This was probably the mistake that started it all! These things are soooo sweet.

poor choices: cookie bite.
Someone brought cookies to the office. In the box was a white chip cranberry. I couldn’t resist. I broke off a tiny piece. Maybe about an inch square. One bite. That set off the sugar demon.
About an hour later I was pouring BBQ potato chips into a coffee cup.

drive time appetizer yellow bell pepper

dinner fast good burger, no bun. Unsweet tea

I had a good sweaty one hour dance class after that. By the time I got home I only wanted something super cold to drink and a cold shower.


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