Finally Getting Fit

and I fell on Day 7

Posted on: June 21, 2014

I stayed very obedient to Whole30 until today.

The girl and I went to an Asian market looking for ghee.  Ghee they did not have.  But they did have coconut jam and purple yam jam.  The coconut jam has the consistency of caramel.  It taste like caramel that was made with molasses.

The purple yam jam taste amazing!!!!

Unfortunately they both have sugar in them.

Then the hubs went for Chinese food tonight.  I had a small spoon of rice and two pieces of battered fried chicken.   I’m more worried about the wheat in the battered chicken.    I have more side effects from wheat than of the other things I’ve had.   Well, I don’t know… sugar is not nice to me. I’m pretty sure it’s the sugar that is what is giving me tendonitis.

Start over tomorrow.

Hidey Ho, Let’s Go.

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