Finally Getting Fit

here we go again

Posted on: June 11, 2014

It’s been 4 or 5 months since i finished my whole30. Time flies when you don’t pay attention.

I let a little sugar back in. Okay, sometimes a lot of sugar but not nearly what i was getting before.

I let a little dairy back in. Because, mmmmm butter.

I let the occasional diet coke back in. Don’t know why. They don’t taste nearly as good as i thought they did.

And the tendonitis in my left elbow came during back in.

I really think it’s the sugar. There’s more of that in my diet than any of the other things. And it’s going to be the biggest pain in the ass to get rid of.

So, on Sunday it’s back to whole30 living. Maybe forever.

Thoughts? Did any of you guys have relied from physical pain after your whole30?


2 Responses to "here we go again"

I did my first Whole30 to relieve recently developed sensitivities. Morning sickness a couple of months later led me to lead in tons of stuff I’d stopped touching. I knew it was making a difference, but really understated how much of a difference! I’m on day 29 of my second Whole30 and feeling better but thinking I need to tack on another 15-30 days … no matter how much I want “just one” cupcake!

It’s that “just one more” and “just for today” that has got met in a world of hurt all over again. I do not like the daily pain. Congrats on holding strong.

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