Finally Getting Fit


Posted on: April 16, 2014

I seem to be stuck in a rut with my weight.  That number will not budge.  Now I don’t want to care about the number on the scale. There are so many other measures of good health but that is the quickest and easiest one to see, right.

In other news I flew off the whole30 like it was hot lava.

I added back the teensiest bit of grain.  A spoonful of rice here.  A few corn tortilla chips there.   A pound of sugar over yonder.

The Easter candy has been my nemesis.  I love the jelly beans. I adore the Russell Stover creme eggs.  mmmmm the maple.   the coconut almond.  the raspberry truffle.

I really thought I was doomed until I realized that my mood and disposition has been the worse it has been since before the holidays. (Christmas)

So I knew it wasn’t grains. I just don’t really eat enough of them to cause this constant blackness over my soul.

The artificial sweetener?  I had let aspartame back in with a diet coke per day.

I asked myself.  What am I eating more of now than I was on Whole30?  Only one edible source present itself in bold neon lights. SUGAR.

So away it goes.  I am now 10 days sugar free.  I’m started to feel better. Starting to sleep better.  Starting to think better.

Wheat makes my body physically ache.  Sugar makes my mood and my emotions ache.    It’s just not worth it.  I do not like the person I am when I’m on sugar. She’s not pretty at all.

After some Google searching I found the following articles very helpful:

World of Psychology

Sarah Wilson

Annette Nay

EMR Labs

Have you noticed a change in you when you’re on sugar? Talk about it.



2 Responses to "Stuck"

Yes, definitely. I feel so icky inside after sugar. Also flour based things…so, bread, crackers, etc. I feel a lot cleaner inside (not bloated) and my head doesn’t bother me. Sugar makes me dizzy and also gives me headaches sometimes. It’s a struggle, though, because I do like my coffee & tea sweetened so I add sucralose. Probably also not good. I really dislike the taste of Agave and Stevia. I put honey in my tea sometimes. I don’t like these drinks hideously sweet. I guess I just need to taper down because I know sweeteners are also not good for me.

I know what you mean with sugar. I actually just wrote a blog entry very similar. I am a baker by trade living paleo. It’s really hard because I LOVE sugar. At first it seems great…those first few bites. The endorphin’s….and then about 15 minutes later I get moody and irritable and want more. Worst feeling ever.

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