Finally Getting Fit

whole30- Day ?

Posted on: January 23, 2014

I’ve lost count. I’m still doing what I do I just don’t know what day it is.

I haven’t taken any pics. And frankly, you should thank me. The meals haven’t been that great looking.

Breakfast has been 1 or 2 pieces of home seasoned pork sausage and coffee with magical coconut creamer.

Lunches has been leftovers with whatever veggies I’ve had. There has been paleo taco meat with roasted Brussels and salsa. There was some chicken with roasted rutabaga and acorn squash. There was some crockpot roast beef with avocado.

If you haven’t tried rutabagas you should. They are delicious roasted but they do have a rather strong smell when they cook. My uses to boil these when I was a kid and the smell would make me gag. Roasted are scrumptious. You have to peel them like a turnip but they are easier to cut up than a winter squash.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll give you a picture if them.


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