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Whole30 – Day 10

Posted on: January 15, 2014

15 days diet soda free.

15 days of no sweetener in my coffee

15 days of no cheese on my eggs.

Officially Day 10 (the sugar in the patty sausage ruined my first 5 days)

I would have given my eye teeth for a piece of cake and bacon for dinner.  Since I’ve been wheat free since last year the cake is out.  I do have 3 tubs of pre-made frosting in my fridge that would have been delicious.  Full of chemicals and potentially hazardous materials but delicious anyway.

I did have bacon.

2 delicious slices of bacon. I wish the lighting in my kitchen was better so you could see just wonderful that really looks.   Oh well, this way you won’t get hungry 🙂

Lunch was a masterpiece.   An 80/20 hamburger patty that I cooked on the George Foreman.  Roasted broccoli, sliced tomatoes, homemade mayo, chopped walnuts.  Hmmmmm. So delicious!

Doesn’t that look amazing!  It was! Every. Single. Bite.

I’m making the co-workers jealous.  I have started them thinking more about veggies and trying new things.  2 of them cooked spaghetti squash for the first time this week.  They first saw me with one, then saw one used with alfredo on Mr. Food.  That really tipped the scales.

I have one co-worker that is having a lot of congestion, cough, esophageal issues.  I’m trying to talk her into eliminating dairy to see if it helps clear up some of her issues.  She loves creamer in her coffee, cottage cheese, makes her own delicious pimento cheese.  She’s about convinced though. I think just 15 days would make a difference.  A person can do anything for 15 days, right?



3 Responses to "Whole30 – Day 10"

15 days? PIece of cake (oh, cake, sorry for your loss), although I’ll admit sometimes that changes to 10 minutes when I need to run one. more. mile.

Last night I had a dream that I met all the whole 30/Paleo superstars and I was drinking an apple soda. I was mortified. I thought it was apple juice. I kept trying to hide the evidence.

Aww! That just shows how important the Whole30 is to you.

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