Finally Getting Fit


Posted on: January 5, 2014

That’s the sounds of the brakes screeching on my Whole30 challenge.

4 days in and I realize that I flunked from Day 1.

Those leftover collards and Danish meatloaf from Day 1 had bacon… bacon with added sugar.

Day 2: More of those leftover collards w/bacon… with added sugar.

Day 3: Sausage patty w/avocado and salsa… sausage has added sugar.   The salsa was squeaky clean. I read that label about 3 times to make sure.

Day 4:  Collard greens & sausage… with added sugar.

Day 5: Today, same collard greens, same sausage… and that’s when I looked at the package again.

The Coach and I were talking about how nearly every meat in the store has added sugar and why?  That’s when I looked down at that sausage package and the word leapt up and slapped me in the face.  I’m a freakin’ butcher’s daughter.  We DON’T PUT SUGAR IN MEAT.  WTH?  I was so intent on finding meat that had no sulfites and nitrites that I completely over looked that 5 letter word on the ingredients list.  (Want to know what else is hard to find.  Chicken broth without added sugar. )

My mind instantly ran a quick inventory over what I had eaten the last 4 days.  Damnit! Damnit! Damnit!

I don’t feel the last 4 days have been wasted.  Not at all. I’ve done away with diet coke and sweetener in my coffee. I’ve gotten over the headache.  I’ve eaten more vegetables than I can count. I’m not about to throw up my hands and say:

I’ll stay on track (without the sugar laden meats) and start back with Day 1 tomorrow.

Now I’m headed back to the kitchen to clarify some butter.


2 Responses to "SSCREEEEECHHHHH."

That’s so frustrating! I think you’ve been doing great, the second first day should be a breeze!

Thanks! I hope so.

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