Finally Getting Fit

Modeling is work

Posted on: August 30, 2013

We’ve all seen those thin young waifish girls hanging out on rocks on the shoreline, lounging over cars, etc and thing man, what an easy job!  (no spell check, I do not want waifish to be “dwarfish.” It may not be a real word but I want it.)

My alter ego modeled last night for Dr. Sketchy’s Middle GA.  Her attitude, my body.  It was HARD.  2 hours of various poses with time limits from 3 minutes – 20 minutes.  I am so sore today. It feels like I used to feel after a heavy set of weight lifting.

Lily Prawn

This one made my right ankle scream!

And this one put a very special ache right between the shoulder blades.

So don’t let those young smiling faces fool you.  Those girls deserve every penny they make and a very good massage therapist!


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