Finally Getting Fit

Never giving up

Posted on: August 4, 2013

Well, here I am again.

I am, if nothing else, completely inconsistent in my blogging.

I have so much crap going on. Just like all of you I’m sure.

I work an 8 hour day that takes up a good 10 hours/day including commute. I teach dance for a couple of hours each evening.  I perform with a dance group and have a couple of hours of practice with them each week.  I also do a little burlesque performing which takes up time with costuming and practice.

And that’s just my “personal” stuff. That doesn’t even include FAMILY stuff.

But I never give up trying to be healthy.  I’m still working on being wheat free.  That shit is as hard as they come. I have found that most grains do not agree with me.  It started with oats. I noticed my morning oatmeal just rushed right through me (to put it somewhat delicately) and I kept switching brands trying to find one that wouldn’t send me running.  None of them worked.  So I gave it up.

Then I noticed pasta made me bloat. So I gave it up.

A couple of years ago I read the Wheat Belly book by Dr. William Davis and have been trying to completely eliminate wheat from my diet since then.

I found myself eating more corn and rice.  I really don’t like eating corn with all it’s GMO alterations and what not so I’m working really hard on giving that up.  My primary source was chips & tortillas so I needed to let those go at any rate.

Rice just doesn’t hold any real interest for me so it’s really easy to just not eat it.

Now I’m basically down to a low carb/high fat/paleo style diet.

This morning for breakfast while the hubs was making good ol’ fashioned biscuits with sausage gravy I was making Scotch Eggs.

They were so incredibly easy! I found the recipe on the Primal Bites blog.

Boiled egg, wrapped in sausage, backed in the oven for 30 minutes… BOOM! Deliciousness on your plate.  Add some chopped avocado or a small bile of spinach and you have a quite tasty breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Head on over to Primal Bites for the recipe. My photos are below.

*I am not a photographer nor am I a chef.  I am a complete amateur. Scroll at your own risk!

This is what they should look like as they come from the oven or fry pan.

This is what it’s going to look like if you don’t dry the boiled egg before you wrap it in meat. It was still tasty though.


This is what they look like on the inside.






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