Finally Getting Fit

Aw Lawd What a Week

Posted on: June 7, 2013

Well this week has proven to me one thing:

Jelly Belly jelly beans are my absolute trigger food.

I talked the hubs into buying me a small bag of Jelly Belly beans last Sunday. I ate half of them and decided to put the rest of them in the freezer to save for later.   I ate the second half on Monday night after my dance classes.

All week since, I have craved and caved on carbs.  I’ve had corn chips, brownies, fries, potato salad, a bit of peach cobbler, CEREAL!!  I haven’t had cereal in AGES!

It has been absolutely horrible!  I am bloated and miserable.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing the weekly grocery shopping and stocking up on the veggies and things I can eat that are carb free.  Jelly belly beans will going on the never buy again list.  I just can’t take the risk.

In good news:  I had my dance student moving up and down the floor in lunges while doing shoulder shimmies 🙂   I like being the evil dance instructor.


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