Finally Getting Fit

Doing What I Love With a Belly Full of Fun

Posted on: September 5, 2012

I hear it all the time!

“I’m to fat to [fill in the blank]”

“When I lose weight then I’m going to [fill in the blank]”

“Oh, I’d look stupid doing [fill in the blank] with this big old belly”

“I want to wait until I love 10/15/20 pounds before I [fill in the blank]”


My response is nearly always: Why wait?

Why do you think it won’t be fabulous fun now?  Don’t wait. Don’t hold back from activities that you love or want to do just because you have an extra 20 or 80 pounds.

Did you know that doing things you love can increase your self-esteem?

Did you know that getting out of your self-confined box can build your confidence?

Did you know that learning a new sport or activity can create a little self-love within you?


It doesn’t matter what size you are.  It doesn’t matter what other people think of you.  If you love it or want to try to it then do it NOW.  Don’t wait.  You may carry that last 20-50 pounds with you to the grave.  Don’t live a life of regrets.  Live a life full of memories.

And sometimes an amazing thing happens.  You find something you love and you want to get better at it.  You practice more. You’re moving more.  You realize that when you eat a honey bun every morning for breakfast you feel like crap so you start exchanging junky processed food for whole straight of nature food. You feel better.

You practice and sweat and practice and fall down exhausted and LAUGHING. Your mood lifts.  You look at yourself in the mirror and say “I’m DOING it!”

And you love your self for it.

And you treat your self better because you love your self and what your self is doing. Even though the scale may not be moving.  You are. And you are stronger for it.

I started belly dancing 7 years ago. I hit that magical middle age number and decided that by God if I couldn’t lose this damn fat and belly I was going to love it.

I’m still carting around that belly but now it can move like nobody’s business. It is strong even though it is a little flabby.  I think I’m sexy, even with it.

And this year… I venture into a new form of dance. Burlesque.

and it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you that part of me that is a little bit wild and a whole sassy.  She can dance and she can clog but she can’t sing… my alter ego:

Miss Lily Prawn

Lily Prawn: The tastiest shrimp you’ll never eat

What are you waiting on?  Go for it!  You can do it.


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