Finally Getting Fit

Savory Sunday

Posted on: June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day to my own great Daddy.  Thank you so much for all the things you taught me.

How to use a hammer.

How to drive.

How to use a jigsaw.

How to bone out pork-chops.

How to put a cricket on a hook.

How to scale a fish.

How to catch a bass without him jumping the line.

How to say no.

How to do what I choose to do really well.  Even when that means throwing away the first few tries until I get it right.

Thank you for not beating the hell out of me even when I deserved it.  You were more patient than any Daddy should have been.

Today is your day.

Today my own baby daddy got up and let me sleep in. He fed the animals and fixed his own breakfast. Now he is out getting on the lawnmower to mow the yard.   Doesn’t he know that it’s his to day to chill in the recliner?   I thinks I have married a man much like my own Daddy. 🙂  This is not a bad thing.

If he had given me a chance to cook his breakfast it would have been this:

2 sliced kiwi and an omelet made with 1 whole egg & 1 egg white, smoked gouda, topped with mango-pineapple salsa.


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