Finally Getting Fit

Life is a Bitch

Posted on: June 9, 2012

Life is  a Bitch.

But she’s the bitch we’ve got to deal with because the alternative is just worse.

Today, I found out that  my niece’s husband has cancer… again. Or maybe it’s still.

This is after they told him they “got it all!”  Hooray and Party hard.  After tons of chemo and radiation. After PET scans and CT and MRI.  We got it all.

Except maybe not.

Maybe there’s a shitload of it in your liver and lungs that we won’t see for 6 months down the line.

They didn’t tell him that.

Until last week.

When they said: There’s a shit ton of cancer in your liver and lungs and there’s nothing we can do.

Worse words were never spoken.

“There’s nothing we can do.”

He’s 35-ish.

She’s 34.

Their oldest daughter starts high school (9th grade) in August.

Their baby girl is about 7.

When I was first told he had the Cansuh (as Christie O calls it) I was terribly scared.  It was determined to be a particularly vicious and invasive bastard cell that no one wants around.   Basaloid Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the anal canal: Go ahead and try to look it up.  You can find some medical journal articles but it’s rare enough that there’s not a lot of general information on it.  I ended up emailing a friend of mine that works in radiation therapy and what I was told was not good.    We were thrilled to find out the docs got it all and that the PET scans came back clean.

Everyone at Shrinking Jeans has watched as Christie O beat back the bastard that is cancer.   I feel that Christie is the one person I know that without a doubt knows everything they are feeling.   And I’m sure I overstepped a thousand boundary lines when I sent her a request to pray.  I need to know that someone out there that KNOWS, that has been there, is praying.

So now I’m on my knees asking you… begging you… to please intervene with the higher power that you believe in for my Christy and her Ned.  I hurt so freaking bad for them. My heart is breaking and I am so angry.




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