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Tune-up Check-in Week 2

Posted on: June 6, 2012


It’s time for a tune-up check-in.

When we last spoke I was bitching about how BMI is just so much bullshit and never really intended to be a measure of a person’s health. And certainly not the sole measure of their health.  It should be a case of… You’re BMI is a bit high, let’s talk about your lifestyle and nutrition.

Has something convinced me to change my mind?  Not at all.  Today I go see my primary care physician to see if he can help me with this ankle pain without insisting I take a handful of pills to do it.

I know I will have to get up on that scale and that his electronic medical records will automatically calculate my BMI in great big numbers for him to see.

Thank goodness I know that my physician is the type of guy to treat the whole body and not just a piece of it.  He runs and I see him all the time at various races.  He’s a really great guy.  I don’t know what his reaction will be to the fact that I don’t eat wheat anymore though.

23 days.

Zero wheat.

Think about it.

No honey buns.  No cupcakes.  No pasta. No fried foods (they are all battered or breaded).

No jelly beans (They are made with glucose and food starch :wheat:)

No cream of anything soup.


That last one makes me saddest of all.

But I am getting good results. So I’ll stick with it.

Let’s get on to the important part of this post.  Weight!  I’m in this challenge with Allison D and we are… The Celery Stalkers.













And to think all I had to do was cut out on little ingredient and replace it with truck loads of veggies.

Heck yeah baby!

A lot of people were posting goals last week. I don’t really have goals right now other than to increase my water intake and to keep rocking the veggies.

I really want to do this diet for the next 60 or so years.  If nothing else so my GI problems don’t relapse.  That was the worse.

So far so good. The Celery Stalkers are gonna get you!









14 Responses to "Tune-up Check-in Week 2"

Wow! Way to go, Debra! You are off to an awesome start! Go Celery Stalkers! –Lissa

Great job, Debra! Glad you seem to have found what works for you and helps resolve the GI issues. 2 pounds down? an excellent bonus!

Good job…a truck load of veggies is working for you! Great loss this week.

Great job sticking to your diet. And congrats on the great loss.

Way to go being wheat free! I’ve been toying with the idea of trying it (in an attempt to clear up some GI issues). I’ll be stalking your blog for meal/recipe ideas. 🙂

LOVE your team name, Debra!!! I’m so proud of you for sticking with the wheat free diet. You might need to guest post for us at the Sisterhood, because I think it’s totally worth sharing 😉

Keep up the good work, Celery Stalkers! bwahahahahaaaaa

finding a doctor that “gets” you is so important. the way your numbers are going down he’s bound to be impressed with you!

He was actually okay that I gave up wheat. Didn’t preach to me about it at all!

Awesome job on the loss! Glad you found something that works for the gi issues.

great job on the loss and the #wheatfree!! I am following in your footsteps. but it was a friend’s suggestion – and I am so glad I took her up on it – I feel great and I lost 5 pounds in 6 days – and like you said, I am eating a truck load of veggies. I am going to see how 30 days of no wheat treats me and go from there. I will be following along to learn from you!

Be careful… I don’t want it to be a case of the blind leading the blind!

but that is sort of funny!!

Your results are fantastic! Congrats! Even though you hate BMI, you did a great job of stomping it down! Thank you for be a motivator and inspiration!

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