Finally Getting Fit

It’s Time For A Tune-Up

Posted on: June 1, 2012

Yep, I did it. I went and entered another challenge.

I know… I am just a little bit nuts considering the scale doesn’t ever seem to move for me anymore.

I’m starting this challenge off at 187 lbs.

My BMI is 34.2.

Clinically obese.

I personally think BMI is full of shit but all the doctors have been hoodwinked into believing it and it’s become a standard measure of health. :bullcoughshit:

While the formula previously called the Quetelet Index for BMI dates to the 19th century, the new term “body mass index” for the ratio and its popularity date to a paper published in the July edition of 1972 in the Journal of Chronic Diseases by Ancel Keys, which found the BMI to be the best proxy for body fat percentage among ratios of weight and height;[4][5] the interest in measuring body fat being due to obesity becoming a discernible issue in prosperous Western societies. BMI was explicitly cited by Keys as being appropriate for population studies, and inappropriate for individual diagnosis. Nevertheless, due to its simplicity, it came to be widely used for individual diagnosis, despite its inappropriateness.

BMI provided a simple numeric measure of a person’s “thickness” or “thinness”, allowing health professionals to discuss over- and under-weight problems more objectively with their patients. However, BMI has become controversial because many people, including physicians, have come to rely on its apparent numerical authority for medical diagnosis, but that was never the BMI’s purpose; it is meant to be used as a simple means of classifying sedentary (physically inactive) individuals, or rather, populations, with an average body composition.[6] For these individuals, the current value settings are as follows: a BMI of 18.5 to 25 may indicate optimal weight; a BMI lower than 18.5 suggests the person is underweight while a number above 25 may indicate the person is overweight; a person may have a BMI below 18.5 due to disease; a number above 30 suggests the person is obese (over 40, morbidly obese).

:Stepping off my soapbox:

I’ve teamed up with Allison. I think our team name is the Celery Stalkers.  LOL

Okay peoples, it’s time for work. Get your booty in gear and move your butt this weekend.

What are you plans? Are you doing anything fun? Or just being lazy?


4 Responses to "It’s Time For A Tune-Up"

Heeheehee, Celery Stalkers. Love! Forget the scale Debra, you’re making so many positive steps in a healthy direction. Thank you for being an inspiration in so many ways!

love the name!! i’ve seen a bit of stagnation on the scale too, so i’m hoping this challenge will be the push i need.

totally like ya’ll’s name….! awesome….!! i know what you mean about the scale not moving and etc. for awhile i would do good and then hit a plateau and then it move and then hit another plateau and so on….however, lately the scale has been moving a lot, but just in the opposite direction of where i need it to move…lol so, that is why i have teamed up with my sister and we are the Gettin’ Fitter Sisters for this challenge… 🙂

great name! I’m loving seeing what everyone comes up with!

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