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Posted on: May 27, 2012

I’m not a strong believer in things spiritual or mystical.

But sometimes things happen that make me pause and take notice.

This has happened just recently with birds.   Now I live out in the country, we see birds all the time.  I rarely see them on the side of the road walking around though.  However, this past week. I have seen 3 birds doing just that. Either as I was driving along or stopped at a light.

I decided to look up the meanings.

The first bird I saw was a Turkey Hen. She was pecking along on the side of the Interstate as I was coming home from work one day.  We have a neighbor with turkeys and I’ve seen them plenty. But I have never, ever, ever seen a wild turkey on the side of the road.

Here’s the explanation from animal totems dictionary. (emphasis is all mine.)

Turkey: Harvest time, makes us thankful for all blessings, shows adaptability in all areas of life, energy of sharing and gift giving, teaches us how to harvest items with patience, show us how to expand our thoughts to attract we need, there is a time for everything so patience is necessary for there is a time to fly and a time to be grounded. Turkey teaches the vitality of life and how all is sacred. It is time to listen to your higher vision to achieve goals whether it be spiritual, physical, mental or emotional. Turkey will aid in the exchange and transformation of such perceptions.

How does the universe know these things?  I was just thinking how great it is that I have found a diet that fixed one my very irritating health problems and I hope will help with others. I wish thinking how wonderfully supportive my friends are even if they think I’m half crazy.  And I was also thinking of the things I want to accomplish from cleaning and organizing my den and getting my ancient sewing machine to the shop to going back to school to become a Medical Laboratory Technologist.

The second bird I saw on the ground was a cardinal. On the ground. Not resting in a bush or flying by. On the ground as I was driving past. It was like he wanted to make sure I saw him.

Cardinal Medicine renews vitality in life and returns joy, brilliance and balance to the mind, body and spirit. He awakens spiritual transformations, intellectual insights and heightens intuitions and perceptions. Cardinal aids in manifesting dreams and ideas by focussing intentions where it’s needed. He adds color and balance to life and demonstrates that everything you do is important. He aids in understanding and helping you find your own song in life. Are you doing what needs to be done or should be done? Pay attention to your diet.(!!!) Are you eating balance meals; too much or not enough? Cardinal can teach moderation in all things and can help in finding a healthy balance of physical and spiritual. Do you have enthusiasm for a project or idea? (!!!) Are you voicing your ideas? Are you listening carefully to others and your surroundings. When you listen to Cardinal’s lessons, he will teach you strength in creativity and productivity with discernment and balance.

The cardinal appears to be a very important bird. You see those things with the explanation points? I just started a wheat free diet. I’m finding the balance in it. It’s hard not to pick any old junk food just because it’s wheat free. It’s kind of like baby vegans eating crap food because it has no animal products. I have to be careful with the carbs and not eat too many least the blood sugar skyrocket and set off a chain of metabolic events that could kill me sooner rather than later.

And I am involved in a project.  It’s a reach for me. Way outside my comfort zone.  So far outside of that I’m not ready to talk about here. But I will. Don’t worry. I can’t seem to keep my big mouth shut.

The third bird I saw a peacock. 4 of them to be precise.  The house down the road has them but I rarely ever see them. We don’t keep the same hours and I rarely go that direction in the daytime hours so this was a thrill for me to see them strutting about in the yard with their long glorious plumage trailing along behind them.

Peacock will teach the power of watchfulness and the strength of mental, emotional and spiritual foundations and the structure and balance of those qualities. He allows greater wisdom to be accessed along with the awareness of the many different aspects of beauty that surrounds you. Peacock attunes us to see the entire moment with no past or future and instills confidence and dignity. There is an air of showmanship with Peacock so it’s time to take pride in your endeavors. Are you showing your talents like you should? (!!!)  Are you seeing with your many “eyes”? Pay attention to intuition for there are many facets opening up. Peacock will help endurance of spiritual and physical matters.

Wow! Just… Wow! I never expected this.  This just makes me more excited, nervous, anxious, and apprehensive about the upcoming projects. The projects are both dance related and are things I’ve never done before.  “Pay attention to inuition”  It was the peacock that made me decide that I needed to look this up. 

I find this interesting.  Veeeee-rie In-ter-resting.


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