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Momma Time

Posted on: January 5, 2012

I’m not a Mommy blogger.  Most of the time I barely feel like a Mommy.  My kids are grown. One in college. One struggling to find his place in the world.

But yesterday I got to be full on Mommy again.

Baby girl had to have her wisdom teeth removed.  She had full impactions so she had general anesthesia.  She slept in her clothes so she wouldn’t have to spend time getting dressed and getting hungry.  We got to the surgeon’s office and she filled out her forms, I paid (natch) and we waited.  The more we waited the more nervous I got.  I don’t know if she was nervous or not.  I didn’t want to ask because I didn’t want to make her nervous.  When they called her name I just wanted to grab her arm and pull her back.  My gut clenched.  I knew she would be okay.  All of us have done this before.  This was her second time to have general sedation to have teeth removed.  But that’s my bay-bee!

About 45 minutes later, just as I was about to ask when she would be done, they tell me she’s done.  She’s groggy, sleepy, can’t focus… mah baaaaay-beeeee!  I just wanted to wrap her up and rock her.  Except she’s 2 inches taller than me.  It can’t be done.

Then just as sure a shooting (an old Southern phrase) she gets nauseous, you can tell she’s miserable.

We stop at the pharmacy and they tell me there’s a 30 minute wait.  What?  I’ve got a post-op kid in my car, I need those drugs!  “Sorry, we’re backed up.”   I just wanted to claw eyeballs out but knew there was nothing I could do.   Honestly, my old Eckerd’s pharmacy was much better about determining if someone needed to be pushed to the front of the line.

I take her home, get her settled and watch her sleep.  Relieved that it’s mostly over and now we’ve just got to get her conscious and keep the pain under control.   She leaves to go back to school on Sunday.  I have no doubt that she’ll be ready.  But of course, I’ll worry until I get the text that tells me she’s there.

So Mommas, even though those babies grow up and move out (or semi move out) you never stop worrying and those Momma bear instincts are never far from bubbling over.



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