Finally Getting Fit

Happy New Year

Posted on: December 28, 2011

It’s time to wish you all a very


I’m off to spend time with the extended family for a while.  I will be in the land of no internets, sketchy cell reception, and general boredom.

I have it from a very reliable source that my pokey little hometown has built a track! Or maybe it’s a walking trial.  Whatever.  It’s someplace I can go and walk/run/jog my little heart out for a while.  And maybe get that 10 miles in but I don’t hold myself to that. 8 miles is still my longest solo wog and it was so miserable that I’m having a really tough time mentally getting over it.

I am hoping there is some place in the valley of electronic death that has WiFi.  (bwahahahahaha) Sorry. The possibility is microscopic.

Keep up the steps, the planks, the lunges, the pull-ups… Some body has to do them. I’ll cheer you on!





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