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What A Life!

Posted on: December 26, 2011

Happy Merry Christmas New Year everyone.

It’s time for reflection and then some goal setting, yes? YES!  This year has been hectic and fright filled and then full of relief, toss in some depression and sadness, then celebrate.  Seriously! Thyroid cancer scare, breast cancer scare, depression, some travel, sudden death a co-worker, a finished half-marathon… and then the holidays! It’s been crazy around here.

Let’s reflect on this year’s training.

Would you like to guess which month my BRF and I started training for the Zooma Half?

Training 2011

And the part I like best? The year isn’t over yet! There’s enough days to add another 10 miles or so to that number!

I really feel like I’ve kicked training ass this year.

However, due to some health problems and plain out laziness I didn’t kick scale’s ass this year.  I’m still hovering between 180-185.  Probably more now after all the Christmas junk food that’s been around.

I plan on doing a sugar detox starting Jan 3.  Yes, I’m waiting until I leave my mother’s house because I’m really hoping she will have that delicious divinity candy that she makes… Oh it really is soft, light, and heavenly.  I can never pass it up.

Goal 1: sugar detox

Speaking of health issues… the GYN told me that caffeine could be the root of the bladder issues I’m having.  Ladies of a certain age that have pushed out a baby or two know what I’m talking about. I’m not going into detail.  He wouldn’t even talk about Rx remedies or surgical remedies when he found out I’m a caffeine-a-holic.

Goal 2: Caffeine detox

Right now, I’m flying high off a great morning wog! I got these for Christmas:

Tied them up and took them out for 4 miles this morning.  It was a beautiful thing.  There were two point where I just ran… slowly but still.  I didn’t have to worry about breathing or steps or anything.  I loved it! I can’t wait until whole runs can be like that!

Goal 3: Run more

The one thing lacking in my routine is strength/resistance training.  All the experts agree that cardio alone does not a healthy body make.  It makes no sense since I have a full gym set up in my house. Yes I do.  Powerblocks? Yes.   Calf raise machine? Yes. 2 incline benches. Check.  Olympic style/weight squat rack with upper and lower pully system? Yes.  It embarrasses me to admit.  I should look like this! Oh, wait. That’s Ms. Earnestine. She’s was 74 years old when this picture was taken!

Goal 4: Get down to business in the gym!

The more astute of you will notice that I have listed no goals for my weight.   I don’t have a thyroid anymore and I’m not sure that my med dose is just right yet.   I also love to eat. Love it Love it Love. It.  So I haven’t really given a thought, well too much thought to my weight. I want to look hot in my clothes. Which I do thankyouverymuch as long as I pick styles that flatter my fuller figure. <snort>  But the truth is that weight just isn’t that important to me anymore.

Which is more important you?

A) finishing a half-marathon by wogging or B) the number on the scale?

A) having a kick-ass attitude all the time or B) letting the number on the scale determine your mood and out-look for the day?

A) living life now or B) waiting until some number on the scale shows NOW is the time to have a fun?

Gawd, PLEASE tell me you picked A for all of those.  I did!

So to round these goals up to a nice “even” 5…

Goal 5: Tell the scale to kiss my ass. I don’t need it to validate me!



2 Responses to "What A Life!"

Great to hear that you have so much perseverance:)) I was born with severe skin issues, depression, anger and bad anxiety. Like you went through, it took a lot to keep my head up and continue to look forward. I just got to a point where I was sick of feeling sorry for myself and did something positive about it. That is why it’s so inspiring to hear other people that have overcome obstacles as well. Good luck with everything and I can’t wait for updates:))

[…] any challenge there has to be goals.  I’ve already mentioned in this post that I’m just not going to focus on body weight this year.  My first goal of the year to […]

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