Finally Getting Fit

10K A day check-in

Posted on: December 14, 2011

10KaDay ChallengeIt’s time to report the steps.  This really is more difficult than I thought it would be.

12/7/11: 9035

12/8/11: 11984

12/9/11: 16769

12/10/11: 9600

12/11/11: 5800

12/12/11 7032

12/13/11: 9154

It seems I do a lot of standing at work but not much walking. Not as much as I thought I did.  I’m not getting as many steps at dance class as I thought I would. Lot’s of movement but not much stepping.

The higher days are days that I ran or made an effort walk up and down the hallways at lunch.

It’s not depressing or ego-busting that I’m not getting my steps.

It’s eye-opening!


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