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May Your Way: Final Weigh-in

Posted on: June 1, 2011

May Your Way Challenge

May Your Way challenge goals:

Drink 3 liters of water EVERY day.
5 servings of fruit/veggies every day.
Limit the whites (sugar, flour, etc) to one day/week.

And how did I do?              bwahahahahaha

Really? Not so hot.

Goal 1. 3 liters h20 every day.   Mostly done. Weekends are hard for  me on the water goal. Weekends are diet soda days and unless I’m working out then I hardly touch the water. Weekdays are no problem though.

Goal 2: 5 servings of fruit/veggies every day.   It’s hard to imagine that someone can go full days without any fruits or veggies right?  It can be done. Trust me. I’m pretty sure there was a day last week that I subsisted on donuts and bread alone. Which brings me to…

Goal 3: Limit the whites to once/week: total fail.  I was able to cut way way back on what I had been eating which was good but to totally limit them?  I wasn’t able to do that.

May has been a hard month for me. For some reason in the middle of the month I completely stopped recording what I was eating. Big mistake! And that really slowed down the weight loss.

I felt like a wet noodle most of the month. Just completely exhausted. (thank you thyroid) and then ended up with a tummy bug that lasted 10 days!.

Only this last week have I felt remotely even human.

Human enough to start 10K training with a plan to move straight into a half-marathon training.

All in all, even with the “not great” eating I lost 5 pounds this month.   I’m okay with that even though I’m not back down to where I was in the middle of April.  I’ll just keep plugging along doing what I’m doing and let the scale do what it wants.

Never give up. Never quit.


9 Responses to "May Your Way: Final Weigh-in"

i think “eliminating” anything can be difficult if only from a mental standpoint. 5# lost and cutting back on your whites consumption is still good progress 🙂 celebrate yourself and that victory!

Debra, I think May was a hard month for a lot of people. I know it was for me! My advice on the white stuff is just not to buy it! If it’s not in the house, you won’t eat it. Last night I was dying for something bad and had a few points to spare, and as I dug through the cabinets I realized there was nothing! It was all healthy stuff, so I just walked away. Since you’ve got water down during the week, maybe your next goal should be to get to it on the weekend, too!!

I’m glad you’re feeling better now and WTG on that great loss! Five pounds is GREAT!!!!!

Love your Never give up…never quit! While the month didn’t go like you envisioned you made progress in the right direction! congratulations!

You lost weight and that is the ultimate goal. I agree with Brooke. If we tell ourselves we CAN’T have something we want it MORE! Just eat those things in smaller portions or not very often and that will help control the desires, ya know??!!

Even as I read this, I am parched from thirst. Ugh.

I agree – Never give up never quit… I think you posted that on my blog once 🙂

I would like to train for a 10k or half – maybe I will virtually train with you 🙂

All in all, five pounds is really impressive given that it was tough. Great job! One of the greatest lessons is that it is a journey and there will be ups and downs along the way… just keep heading in the right direction! Great job starting to train for the 10K – You can totally do it!

hi, debra!

5 lbs is still a great loss…but i do know what you are talking about…i ended up losing 6 lbs and it was most certainly a struggle for me…and i didn’t reach my desired weight loss goal of losing atleast 10 lbs…but i’m okay with that because it is still a loss and which means i finally surpassed my last plateau that i had been stucked at for the longest time….i really need these challenges to keep me on track…can’t wait for the next one to start…!!

i am sorry that you were sick with the buggy thing for 10 days…that’s dreadful…!! i do hope you are feeling much better now…!! 🙂

keep up the great work….!! 🙂

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