Finally Getting Fit

Weigh-in Wednesday

Posted on: May 25, 2011

After a week of battling a belly bug I think I’m over it (fingers crossed)

Today is Weigh-in Wednesday over at the Sisterhood.
May Your Way Challenge

So it’s time to throw caution to the wind and step on the scale. I’ve walked exactly once. Danced 3 nights. And pretty much eaten whatever I though might stay in.

And lost 1.5 pounds.

So…. goals…. :whistling, looking at my nails:

How was your week?

Oh, you’re not going to let me distract you… dang!

I drank tons of water and gatorade.  I did eat some veggies.  It is sad that I don’t remember what my goals were?

I did not hit the weight room yet.

I have about talked myself into running the Zooma-Atlanta half-marathon though. I have two other bellydancer friends that are starting to run. D has already doing 10 milers on trails. L is still a newbie runner like me. But the Zooma-Atlanta is at the Chateau Elan this year. OMG! Beautiful! I can’t imagine how much fun it will be. And I have 34 weeks to train.

Hellz yeah I can do it.


2 Responses to "Weigh-in Wednesday"

Tummy bugs, be GONE!!! (and stay gone) This woman has some Zoom training to do!

34 weeks to train – you can do it!!! I know you can… wow- keep us in the loop… I would love to do a 10k and then a half marathon…

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