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Posted on: May 11, 2011

May Your Way Challenge

Checking in for weigh-in Wednesday and the May Your Way challenge at the Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans.

I will say this week has been full of suckage.

There was not a single day that I did not have something made with processed sugar. Not a single day. It might have been Mike & Ike’s candies or it might have been a big ol Oreo Brownie that is absolutely not worth the 340 calories it has in it, but there was something every day.

That strength training workout? Still sitting there waiting for me to get the energy and desire to go do it. Actually I think the desire is there but the energy it is not there.  I put others things ahead of it and then I am exhausted and sleep for 10 hours straight.  (I would actually sleep LONGER but I HAVE TO GO TO WORK.)

The water?  Haven’t quite pulled that off for all 7 days yet either. I’ve come close though. It’s much easier on days that I have work and dance and walk because water is just more refreshing. I have managed 64 ounces but not the 3 liters I want.

I’m pretty sure I haven’t made it with the fruit and veggies yet either. I would have to go back to myfitnesspal and check but I’m pretty sure I’m hitting only 2 or 3 servings out of the 5 I’m aiming for.

I have had some wins this week too. It’s not all been fail.

The wins are small but they are there. If I look real hard.

The biggest win is that I’m keeping the calories pretty consistent. I have a huge splurge (over 3000) once/week and then the next day is sort of low but that helps to compensate for the huge day. Then the other 5 days are all around the same level.

This is good because if I let myself every day would be a 3000 calorie day. I love to eat that much, yes I do.

I am making a conscious effort to choose more fruit and veggies. The biggest obstacle is that there are not a whole lot of veggies that I like. I end up getting more fruit than veg.

We’re about half-way through this challenge and I wish it were easier but then it wouldn’t be a challenge would it?


4 Responses to "Checking in"

Good for you for finding the wins…big or small it’s a victory!

I’m not a big veggie eater either! I like carrots and salads and that’s about it….but at least those are good for me and easy to eat so I’m striving for it this week! Just keep working on things a little at a time and you will meet your goals! I know you can do it!!

good job on your weight loss…i found you from the leaderboard… 🙂 you really are doing good….
i was just talking with my MIL yesterday about how hard it is to keep trying to lose this weight and continuing on this healthy journey… it’s not easy…but it is worth it in the long run and maybe the short run too…and we can do this….!! 🙂

keep up the good work….!! 🙂

Keep looking for the wins. Hang on to them and build from there. It is too easy to look at all the negatives.

I could easily eat 3000 calories a day without thinking about it.

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