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Hello May. I’m doing it my way.

Posted on: May 1, 2011

May Your Way Challenge


Y’all know how much I love a good challenge and they do mostly keep me motivated.

So this one is called May Your Way.


Actually DO the 3 day/week wt training routine that the Coach wrote for me.

Drink 3 liters of water EVERY day.
5 servings of fruit/veggies every day.
Limit the whites (sugar, flour, etc) to one day/week.

Weigh 175 on June 1. 

My weight is up about 6.5 pounds from the last time I weighed.



I had a really hard carb laden week and I forgot to weigh this MORNING. It was 7:30 after a dinner of Chinese food that I finally remembered to weigh.


It doesn’t help that I wasn’t HOME this morning. I was in a HOTEL in FLORIDA! I didn’t have my scale anyway, so there!

So after a week of just about making myself sick on carbs I have decided to dedicate May to cutting back on the whites. I need to do this anyway as a basic nutritional change because of my flagging lagging metabolism.  I will save Sundays as my white carb day. Every other day of the week my carbs will come from nice WHOLE GRAINS or FRUITS and LEGUMES.  I hereby do swear on the Body for Life cookbook.

I did meet my personal goal for April. I logged every single blasted day into myfitnesspal. Even the day I went over 3000 calories. OUCH. That hurt.

Last week is a lot to make up for. It was BAD. Bad. BAD.

Water under the bridge now and all that. It’s time to move on. New goals. Fresh outlook.

Let’s do it.


5 Responses to "Hello May. I’m doing it my way."

Welcome back from VACAY girl! Hope you had a great time!! I”m proud of you for logging every day in April. WOW! It’s time to kick this month in the butt!


Thanks Christy! You are so right! It is time to kick butt!

You are gonna have a great May! Can’t wait to watch you meet your goals!

good luck girl!

I have a co-worker that has been watching her carbs…and in just 2 weeks she’s lost 10lbs already! So I know you can do it!

Let’s keep each other in line this challenge!

excellent job on the tracking. on the days going over its easy to say “forget it” and stop, but its helpful to keep on plugging like you did.

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