Finally Getting Fit

Day 17

Posted on: April 18, 2011

Sunday was bad.  B.A.D

2800 calories and no exercise. I was doing laundry. I’m a bit depressed and just ate pretty much anything and everything.

The thing that really killed me were the cookies.  Right before dinner I was wanting something sweet so instead of getting some fruit or yogurt I jump in the car and head to Publix.

I found some Calypso crunch cookies. They weren’t crunchy at all but filled with coconut, pineapple, and pecans.  They were somewhat like macaroons.

I couldn’t find calorie counts for them but I did find a copycat recipe. When I entered all the ingredients it came out to 100 calories PER COOKIE. Holly smack. I really can’t have anymore of those.

And no exercise. I was so unproductive yesterday. It was sad really. I did get all the laundry done but that is it. No exercise. No sewing. No cleaning or crafting.  Nothing.

I hate feeling like this and am ready for it to end. I would much rather be manic than so apathetic.

So how do you pull yourself out of a funk?

Do you just make yourself do stuff? or do you wallow around in it and get yourself all… funky?


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