Finally Getting Fit

Day 14

Posted on: April 15, 2011

Not a bad day overall.

Mental health wise is was an okay day. I’m still tired but not so exhausted feeling. I had help at work today and that made the day so much better. I had ortho day and had about 10 patients with one being the most challenging I’ve had in a long time.

Breakfast was Better Oats Revolution Peaches and Cream.

Lunch was Healthy Choice Spicy Caribbean Chicken.  I’ve not eaten a frozen dinner in forever but I keep one or two at work in case I don’t have time for a walk or when I need a back-up meal. I had just enough time to nuke this baby and wolf it down before I had to go back to the work. The chicken was juicy, the pineapple juicy and sweet and the sauce was just the right amount of spicy. It’s definitely one I’ll do again if I find it on sale.

I definitely have a problem with afternoon snacking. I haven’t figured out why unless I’m snacking to keep myself awake on the slower days.

Today’s afternoon snacks were: 1 bite-size Butterfinger, 1 oz tree nuts, unsalted.

After work on the drive to dance practice I had a Yoplait Whips key lime pie yogurt and a banana. I love the whips. I just wish they had less calories and more recognizable food ingredients! This is another food product that I bought because it was on sale and a more healthy choice than the jelly beans I love.  I hit up Taco Bell for a some “protein” before practice… although I’m not sure you actually get protein from there.  I chose the Chicken Baja Chalupa and happy to find it came in at 390 calories. Just 10 or 20 more than my lunch.

I got in 2 hours of dance practice tonight. One hour with the students. The dance instructor is turning hard-core on us and killing my legs with dance drills and strengthening exercises. The new student choreography is a mix of some Indian movement and snaky slithery fusion.  I’m doing a lot of the choreography for the snaky fusion parts. So far it’s looking pretty dang awesome.  I love it!  Then an hour of troupe (Steve) practice working on the latest skirt choreography.  We’ve just got a couple of spots to clean up and we’re calling it DONE! Next week we’re going to start working on sword 🙂

When I entered my 2 hours of dance into I was promptly instructed to eat another 690 calories. I wasn’t at all hungry so I through the question out to a couple of fitness pals on Twitter and was told to go ahead and eat. I had some left over chunky veggie pizza from the night before at 200 calories/slice so I had two slices of that.

I ate my pizza, took some Advil PM and hit the rack with my “I-need-room-completely-dark” eye mask on. Good sleep right there! FINALLY!

*disclaimer: All products mentioned are ones that I personally purchased with my hard earned money dollars. I am not sponsored or paid or otherwise reimbursed. My opinions are mine and not bought and paid for.

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