Finally Getting Fit

Dogwood Festival

Posted on: April 9, 2011

Today was busy busy busy.

I started the day out volunteering at the Bellies and Babies health fair.  Tons of pregnant women and new moms. I stayed a couple of hours and then had to come home to change so I could go dance with my sisters.

What a great time we had. Anderson had to work but the rest of us were there along with White and Kojak. It was good times.  The dogwood festival is a big street party/arts & crafts festival. Our group danced out in the studio parking lot for about an hour. We had a good strolling crowd. Lots of people stopping to watch for a while then moving on down the street.  We had lots of little girls hanging out and dancing in the area next to us. I got so distracted watching them a couple of times that i totally flubbed my cues.  They were so cute.

Other than not having enough water today I think I did pretty good. I did end up with a huge headache. That always happens when I don’t hydrate well enough and then go out in the sun.

I did pretty dern good with the calories today too.

I sure all this starts showing up on the scale soon.


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