Finally Getting Fit

Eight days in

Posted on: April 8, 2011



I’m 8 days in and I’ve logged 8 days.

Here’s today prize winning results.

Todays’ activity was walking. I walked the little area downtown near where I work.

I'm superwoman.

This is the map from the GPS sport app on my phone. I love how it has me walking over the roof of the buildings and cutting across the middle of intersections. I really do stay on the sidewalk. I can’t quite jump high enough to go over the roof tops. 🙂

Food was pretty light today. I think I’ve had some type of candy or cookie every day this week and that’s got to stop. I need to satisfy that sweet tooth with a Larabar or fruit.

My fav breakfast right now is Better Oats Old Fashioned Oatmeal with an over-ripe banana squished into it and a scoop of Maranatha almond butter. My scoop is the size of a cheap plastic white spoon. So maybe a tablespoon. The spoon isn’t strong enough to get a big scoop but it adds some great flavor to the oatmeal. The almond butter.. not the spoon.

Lunch this week has mostly been Voskos yogurt and fruit cups with 100% juice. I love the Delmonte Fruit Naturals and the Dole individual cups.

A lot fast food for dinner this week and we’ve had dance practice or rehearsal every night. Our last festival for a while is tomorrow so I hope I can get on a decent schedule and figure out how to get some healthy food stuff for rehearsal and class nights.

Would love to hear your ideas on that.


fyi: I don’t get any reimbursement, recognition, sponsorship, payment etc from the companies mentioned. They are simply my favorites at this time.


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