Finally Getting Fit

And another day is over.

Posted on: April 6, 2011

Me think I might have went over the calorie limit a bit.

Let’s see… what could it have been?

The BurgerKing bacon, egg, and cheese croissant?  Maybe.

Or it could have been the Mike & Ike’s. 23 of those little suckers have 140 calories… nah.. it couldn’t have been those.

Let see… That piece of Long John Silvers Fish was 290 calories and the pack of sugar wafer cookies was almost 400 calories.  That would do it!

Then there’s the two pieces of meat lovers pizza. I’m sure that was pretty high in calories.

Thank goodness for the dance and that my weight doesn’t depend on a single day to determine what it’s going to do.

I know it will average out in the end.


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