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Moms In2 Babes Week 1

Posted on: March 9, 2011

Hidee Ho neighbor.

I hope you had a great week cause I had a fantabulous week!!!

It started with a road trip to Jacksonville FL on Friday afternoon. I met up with my girl and we hit the town. Actually we hit the WalMart cause we both forgot to pack swimsuits for the indoor hotel pool.  Salad night at Wendy’s, 30 minutes on the treadmill, and Day 1 push-up workout.  Then some time in the hot tub, hit the pool (holycrapballs, it’s cold) Back to the hot tub.  LOL

On Saturday we got up and went to Veteran’s Arena to watch the 2011 AT&T World Cup.  We were privileged to get to watch Olympians Phillip Boy from Germany, Jonathan Horton from the USA, and Jordyn Weiber, USA.  Just check out these photos my girl took.

Don't hate her cause she's beautiful. Hate her 'cause she can do this.

The shoulders!! Just look at these shoulders!!

So a weekend of Arena food and fast food with a lot of walking and little treadmill thrown in.

The rest of the week was soooooo good. I walked, I started back in the weight room with Alwyn Cosgroves Afterburn program. I signed up so I could count some calories and I did. I needed to do a bit more cardio though.

So let’s get to the meat of this Spring In2 Action challenge.

My weight this week:

Exactly the same as last week.

My push-ups this week:

3 more than last week.

You know, I’m happy with this and plan to have a better week next week. Watch out people. I’m on a roll.


7 Responses to "Moms In2 Babes Week 1"

You did have a fabulous week! Your hotel pool experience reminds me of mine when I went to WV to see my best friend. Hot Tub, then pool…yeah back in hot tub…ROFL! The next day we started out in the hotel pool, but ended up in the hot tub. I seriously think I need one here at home 🙂

Great job! Hey that’my scale! LOL wow that gymnast picture is crazy, that’s not even a split, that’s beyond split! Love my fitness pal!

woooohoooooo! I still think you did a great job! Way to go on the pushups!!! We can do this, we can do this!!

That’s my scale, too! Except mine is set to kilos 🙂 I think that with a weekend of arena food maintaining last week’s numbers is fantastic!

maintaining with a week of hard food choices?? you are a superstar!! 🙂 great job – keep up the great work. and a big ^5 on increasing those push ups!!

Gymnastics! I wish I could flip and twist and twirl. I do settling for enjoying the competitions on TV. Never saw one in person. I should put that on my to-do list!

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