Finally Getting Fit

Not quite Paleo

Posted on: January 4, 2011

I made it through day 1. It wasn’t at all according to the book but it was definitely better than anything I did this last month.

Today’s nutrition went something like this:

Coke Zero. First thing in the morning while getting dressed for work.

Croissant with egg and cheese. Diet Coke. Eaten on the way to work.

Coffee w/Splenda and cinnamon creamer. I know creamer is the devil’s spit but WTH? It tastes good.

3/4 Clif bar. At work before lunch. I was starving. I probably won’t have anymore of these… too much soy.

Spring Mix, grilled chicken breast, a bit of mayo instead of salad dressing, Odwalla Superfood juice.

1 oz (yes I measured) mixed tree nuts, no salt.

a handfull of baby carrots with a single serving of plain hummus, the last bit of Clif bar. After work shopping.

Diet coke.

Left over General’s chicken, more tree nuts.

There is a conspicuous absence of water and exercise but other than that I think I did okay. The day wasn’t full of sugar and I didn’t eat unless I felt hunger.  I’m good with this as a starting (re-starting) point.


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