Finally Getting Fit


Posted on: October 17, 2010

I had not heard of the Exposed Movement until last week when bloggers starting posting the 1 year anniversary Exposed Movement update post.

What is the Exposed Movement? Well, surely if you’re reading this you know but on the off chance that someone new comes along I’ll try to explain.

The Exposed Movement started here. With Mish.

The basic premise is that while we may not be thrilled to pieces with how our body looks right now we should still love it and be thankful for all the things it has done for us and be grateful for the things that it does for us every day without us asking and be full of awe for the things that it’s going to do for us.

My body is 45 years old. It’s been thin. It’s been fat.  It’s been thin. It’s been fat. (Yeah, I know I said that twice) It’s been pregnant twice.  It’s been cut on, pushed on, hit on. It has swam in the ocean, competed in martial arts tournaments, climbed a mountain, flown across the ocean and back and roller bladed with the kids. It’s been couched for years and then made to get out and run. It seems to have a mind of it’s own with no care what I want for it.  Now it can run, and dance, and swim, and hula hoop. It still likes great sex too.  It’s somewhat flexible but not great balance.

It’s given me hours of pleasure and days of pain. It gave me my children. For that, I would should give it anything it needs in return.

I haven’t treated it very well. I’ve fed it junk food and alcohol.  I’ve only sporadically treated it with the respect it deserves.  More often than not I’ve just expected it to take care of itself and me.

It houses a brain full of smarts, common sense, creativity, and a tornado of thoughts. It also houses mild depression but the legs and feet that run help keep that in the smallest of corners. It’s learning to work together with all it’s parts to be healthy.

This has been so hard. It’s hard for me to see the good stuff without bringing all the bad stuff to the front.  That damn depression that lurks under the surface wants to see all the times that the brain would consider a failure and wallow around in them and get coated good and thick with the bad memories and bad thoughts. (many which are false!)

I thank my body for the brain that loves music and find the joy in rhythms and words and send signals to the belly and arms and legs to move with the sound of the beat whether it’s from doumbek or bass.  It’s one of the few brains I know that can be logical one minute and completely illogical the next.  I’m rarely bored though.

I thank my body for arms that can hold and hug another.

I thank my body for a heart that cherishes friendships and families. If you are reading this then I probably consider you in one of those two groups.

I thank my body for a belly that rarely meets a food it doesn’t like and being strong enough to support my back and being strong and flexible enough for belly rolls.  This belly supported two children to term and beyond. For that I am eternally grateful.

I thank my body for healthy boobs. They feed those children and still provide loads of adult entertainment.

I thank my body for a strong shoulders and back. They carry me tall even though I’m only 5’2″

I thank my body for a strong round booty. Nothing makes a pair of jeans look better.

The knees they are weak but they are playing along nicely with the jogging/running/training. They still bend on cue and help me out on a daily basis.

I have my dad’s feet. Short and wide. They carry me all day long. 8 hours on a concrete floor is not for the weak sole. My feet take it and still carry me through a 1-2 hour dance class or 3 miles on the road running. They are warriors.

And this seems like the perfect time to pledge to myself forever after love. No matter the size or the shape of me, I will love me for being me.

The Pledge to Love Myself.

I pledge allegiance, TO MYSELF.
Today I will proclaim it
out loud,
From this day forward,
I promise to be nice.
TO myself and ABOUT myself.
I will accept my quirks and I will love my faults.
I will love my shape, whatever it is
My bones, my muscles, my hair and my face.
My body, all of it, inside and out.
Because that is what makes me, ME.
And there is only one of me.
I will finally allow myself
to see what others see.
My kindness, my spirit, my love.
And starting today, I will share some of it,
with ME.
Because I deserve it.
I will fight for myself, because I’m important.
And I deserve to be everything I am capable of in my life.
I deserve to find my greatness and live my life fully and completely.
With no regrets.
There is so much I want to do in my life,
but first, it begins with “me.”
Today, tomorrow, and every day after that.
And no one can stop me.


10 Responses to "Exposed"

that was beautiful deb! You are such an amazing woman. 🙂

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Debra, Debra. Debra said: Me: Exposed – […]

Loved this post — good for you, Deb! Nice how you included the SJ *I love myself* challenge.

You are beautiful and strong!! I am so happy you did this post and that you took the pledge!

P.S. I am sitting here trying to do belly rolls. ;p Um. WOW!

This was just awesome and you are beautiful! You shared so much and you are an inspiration! Thank you!

Today I’ve been catching up and the ‘new’ Exposures and imagine how delighted I was to find you’d bravely done one. My goodness this is just a beautiful post. The words say so much. I hope you mean them and are holding them close.

I love this post. I love the highlights of all your body has done for you on your journey. Well done!

Deb, congrats on getting exposed. Our bodies truly are amazing in how they just keep going despite if we are being nice to them or not. Proud of you for joining!

glad to see our resident dancing queen showing up for an exposed post. and as the others have said, i think the exposed movement goes perfectly with the “i love me” pledge 🙂

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