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Posted on: October 16, 2010

Today I ran the Middle Georgia Technical College Race For Education.  It was sponsored by the MGTC Foundation and the Adult Education Department.  I’m all for education. We still have too many adults who can not read or fill out basic forms. I find that heartbreaking.

I did not sleep well last night. I’m still having a lot of allergy & sinus issues. It’s party my own fault because I haven’t gone and bought any OTC meds for it. I can’t take Sudafed due to the thyroid and so my choices are limited but have you seen the choices in the store? How does a person know what to buy? There’s so much out there. So I’ve just been suffering through the night-time post nasal drip, drowning in the snot and being miserable all night long.  Top that with Coach getting home about 1 AM from his football game with the lights shining, the shower’s running, doors are opening/closing, my belly is rolling…  it wasn’t restful at all.

I decided to go ahead because I was sick before the last race and didn’t go. I haven’t been sleeping well all week but have still been doing my training runs and other stuff so I figured why not? Might as well go if for no other reason I need another run in this week and a few of the gals from the Bootcamp class are supposed to be there.

I get up at 5:30. Eat my banana and yogurt to make sure I have a good potty break before the race. Ever since the day I almost didn’t make it back home I have been paranoid of getting a bad case of runner’s gut on the road.

I check the weather… 45 degrees.  45 degrees. In Georgia. In October. WTH???? That’s February weather! Where are my 60 degree mornings? I have nothing to wear in 45 degrees. I have on tight fitting capris, a Danskin dry-fit sleeveless shirt. Okay, I have this over size sweatshirt. I’ll wear that and take if it off right before the start.

Registration opens at 7. I get there about 15 after. The college is only about 3 miles from my house. The directions are bad. If you don’t know where the student pavilion is you are left driving around the small campus to find it. Thank goodness the campus is REALLY small.  I check in, get my bib and free t-shirt. I take the tee back to the car and get my mp3 and my shades. It’s still mostly dark but I know once the sun comes up over the trees I’m going to want those sunglasses.

I warm up by jogging up and down the street near the truck driving school and then take the sweatshirt to the car. Only about 10 minutes to start. I see the other Bootcamp Burn (BCB) ladies and we jog in place for a while to blood moving. The crowd is smaller than I expected but since it’s the first race for these guys that’s kind of expected.

My goals for today: jog the entire race. No walking. No stopping.  Off we go. I quickly fall to the back of the runners. That’s fine. Everyone has a place and mine is that no man’s land between the runners and walkers. I’ll take it. There’s plenty of room there.

The first 1/2 mile is all up a nice low slope. There are no big hills along the route, just a few short low inclines both up and down. The sun is finally up and I’m grateful that I dumped the sweat shirt in the car. It’s still probably not even 60 degrees yet but that’s okay.  Boussi, one of the BCBs, comes passing by me.  Dang, I didn’t know she could RUN! I don’t think I she was at the Monday night track run and I did the Thursday AM track run instead of the Thursday PM track run so I haven’t seen her. She is burning up the road!  I try to pace her but can’t keep up. That’s okay. I keep a steady rhythm and keep my breathing even.  I want to keep moving. Getting tired. Time to count.  Last mile. I start spotting. Make it to that sign. Now to that tree. Okay, up the little hill. Don’t look up. Pretend it’s flat. Guy in a golf cart. He tells me it’s all down hill from there. I’m running East and the sun is shining right in my face.  Arg, the sun. It is my enemy. I love it unless I’m running.  Then it should stay behind a cloud until the end of the race. I turn into the driveway at the college headed for the finish line. I can still see Boussi’s red pants way up ahead of me. That girl is trucking! One day… that will be me.  An older lady passes me at a jog. Dang, she’s been behind me the whole time. She’s got to be 70. I heard the lady with her call her Mrs. Golden Olympics. I’m sure she’s been running or race walking for a long time but does she need to pass me now? Do I have it in her to pass me. I’m yards away from the finish. The old woman and her companion keep glancing back to see how close I am. It’s not like we’re vying for first place.  Natalie and Boussi are on the side cheering. I see the clock 41:40-something. Can I make it under 42?!? I dig in and and pick up the feet, stretch out the legs. The ladies in front of me speed up.  I’m breathing like a big ol’ brahma bull trying to make it under 42 minutes.  I miss. 42:08. A new PR though. I’m happy. My lungs are pissed. I start wheezing and coughing.  I walk around with the finish card in my hand and cheer on the rest of the BCB ladies. Yeah, this was fun!

We gather in front of the pavilion. It’s crowded. They have plenty of room to spread out but have squished everything onto the tiny concrete entrance to the building. It’s a good thing it’s a small race. There only two cards pinned up for the females 45-49 yo. Holey Cheezits! That means I placed! I’ll be hanging around for the awards ceremony after all. I won’t think about that the fact that it means I came in last or that if it had been a bigger race that I probably wouldn’t have placed at all. This my reward for getting up in the dark and the cold and being there. There wasn’t another race on the local calendar for today so I don’t know where all the other locals were. I suppose since this race wasn’t part of the Points Series they just didn’t bother. Sometimes, the Universe gives you a bye, a gift, a return of good karma, a prize for doing something good for someone else. I’m going to take it and feel good and blessed and I’m going to be happy for me and my new fitness gal pals.

The Boot Camp Burn racers. Mrs Paula, Boussi, Oglesby, Keesha, Me

Boussi ~ first place for her age division


Keesha ~ 3rd place for her age division

2nd place Females 45-49



You are amazing. Is it weird for a total stranger to say “I’m so proud of you”?
As for your sinuses, do you know the fearsome joys of the Netti pot? No drugs, just lots of salt water where it does the most good.

my mom was similar to you. 3rd of 3 in her AG “let’s not tell anyone that part okay?” i told her it didn’t matter. that she beat #4 (the lady who didn’t get out of bed in order to race) fair and square!

awesome race report. 😀

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