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Weigh-in #5: Shrinkvivor Exile Island

Posted on: October 13, 2010

Shrinkvivor Challenge at the Sisterhood!

Shrinkvivor Exile Island Member!

What a great week.  So much to do and I’m so tired now and I’m sleeping good but I had a fabulous week.

On Thursday night my girl came up from Tampa and brought two of her friends. We nommed on Chinese food Friday night. On Saturday I got up early to run and then took her to get her hair done. We came home and picked up the friends and went to the fair, then came home to get out of the sun for a bit, then went to the corn maze when the sun went down.

Coach’s Aunt and Uncle came for a visit. They’re retired now and are doing a little traveling around in an RV. They hooked up in our driveway and stayed the weekend.

On Sunday the girl had to go back and I had to meet the troupe for dancing at the fair. I show went great! We had a good turn-out of people to watch and Aunt and Uncle showed up too.  It’s always so nice to break open the stereotype that people have of belly dancing and those of us who do it.

A challenge update

Water: I got in 104-124 oz most days. The only exception that I can think of is Saturday. It’s nearly impossible to get all the water you need when you’re walking around the fair. Water was $2-3/bottle and there was no water fountains to refill at. 😦 I could tell that I was slacking that day too.

Fast food: 3 times

5 fruits/veggies: 3 days

Write it down: 5 days

Miles: 8.77 (That 292.33 % better than last time. I love math. It can make me look so good 🙂

3lb loss from last week

And the best math of all… when the scale shows you’ve lost.  3 lbs from last week and 1.5lbs for the challenge. Although the scale it kills me. The first time I got on it was 179 even. But I forgot to get the phone to take the photo. Then no matter what I did when I got back on it wouldn’t go back down to that number. I’m sure my phone does not weigh 1/2 lb. That would be crazy.

I’m please with the week. I got in 4 good work-outs. Started my Boot Camp Burn classes. Had a good time with the girl and the family. Made an effort to eat more veggies and fruit. Tried a new recipe.

My Life is good.


8 Responses to "Weigh-in #5: Shrinkvivor Exile Island"

Yay! You deserved that loss, deb! I’m super proud of you. 🙂 I want to hear about boot camp!

WOW that is a great lose this week! And you had a busy week 🙂 WTG!

Great loss for the week.

Awesome week for you! I love that you were so busy and still had a focus on your health! And 3 pounds is wonderful!

That is SO awesome Deb! Now aren’t you glad that I’m the good Sister I am telling you to do all of that stuff 🙂


You are doing great!! Love that you tried to stay focused while your daughter was in town! Keep up the good work!

Congrats on the loss, that’s awesome!!!

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