Finally Getting Fit

An Amazing Weekend

Posted on: October 11, 2010

I have had the most amazing fun-filled weekend ever.
It started Friday night when the kids come in from Tampa. Yes, the girl brought friends with her for the weekend. I had dance practice so I gave them money for Chinese food and off we all went. I came back from dance practice to find my living sprawled with arms and legs and bodies all over the furniture and take out containers all over the bar.

The girl and I got up early Saturday morning so she could get her hair cut and colored. I got up early ’cause it was Saturday and I wanted to get a run in. I went just under 3 miles in my slow turtley pace. I really wasn’t feeling it much and my knee was creaking. While she’s in the salon chair I head out to Target to get some new kitchen rugs. She wasn’t done when I got back so I sat in a big comfy chair in their lobby and started to read Run Like a Mother and promptly feel asleep. That’s not a smear on the book. The book is fabulously informative and witty and I’m loving it. I was just so freaking tired!

Once the girl was done in the salon we head back home to pick up the crew to go to the GA national fair. It’s a big deal around here and me and the girl always go together. I don’t know if the other two were bored or not. We don’t usually hit the midway for anything other than people watching. We don’t play the games, don’t ride the rides. We love looking at the exhibits and walking through the sales area and trying to count how many mullets we can find. (Only 1 this year!)  We only stayed a few hours then headed home out of the heat.

Aunt Sharron and Uncle Danny are here from Mississippi. They’ve stopped by on their way to Savannah. They are doing a little RV travelling. We haven’t seen them in forever. So we chatted with them a bit and then when the sun started it’s descent me and the kids took off for the corn maze. That was fun and awesome until the gnats came swarming in. They were everywhere. Once the farm cranked up the big spotlights at the edges of the field all the bugs went swarming for the lights.

Then a trip to the grocery store. Kyah wanted to make fried cream cheese wontons, C wanted hot chocolate, and S wanted hash.  I think sometime around 1 AM they started cooking 🙂 Gotta love it.

Today I got all dolled up for my troupe performance a the Fair. I had to say good bye to the kids early and head out to meet the girls. Parking was hideous! They didn’t send us performance parking passes so we had to hike a mile or more from the general admission parking to the stage. Not a big deal unless your dress in 3-4 layers of skirts and coats and carrying props!

The show went off without a hitch and we nailed all our choreographies. We had a great crowd of people. I don’t know if they came to watch us or get out of the heat but they were polite and clapped and gave applause at all the right spots.

Now it’s time to get off the face paint and get busy with the laundry, grocery shopping and other household chores 🙂

What a great weekend. I love my life.


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