Finally Getting Fit

She said what?

Posted on: October 7, 2010

There’s this chick I know… sort of know… allright dammit! I don’t know her. I’ve never even met her but she seems like a really awesome rocking chick.  She’s the kind of chick that you would want for a BFF or a sister even. Her name is Christy.

I guess she is kind of a big sister. She’s one of the masterminds over at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. So I guess that makes her the big sister and I’m the bratty little sister that doesn’t like to be left out or told what to do.

Anyway, she’s been doling out these challenges for us every week.

The first week it was so simple: Drink some water… lots of water… drink drink drink until you feel like your eyeballs are going to pop out at the end of a geyser stream.    No problem!!! I did it.

Week two she ADDS to week 1.  Not instead of water do this… Noooooooo! She says… keep drinking your water AND don’t go through the drive thru.    FINE!  I did that too. It wasn’t easy. I caught myself twice that week leaving home without breakfast. One day I went to Subway and was served a cold egg sandwich. Seriously… our Subways here suck! That deli lady nuked/heated that sandwich 3 times and the egg was still frozen in the middle! Ick! The other time I pulled into a curb store and got beef jerky and a banana! Desperation people! Desperation.  But I went that week with no fast food!

Then last week she says “you’re not eating enough fruits and veggies. You’ve got to eat 5 servings every day.”  Couldn’t you just been happy that I tried a new veggie (beets) that I had never tried before. Did you have to go and demand that I eat a flippin’ truckload full every day? 5! Every day.  I didn’t make it. Most days I had 3, 2 days I had all 5, a day or two I might have had 4.   Don’t tell Mom okay? She’s probably as bad as big Sis up there about the stoopid vegetables (eye roll)

So anyway… this week. She comes up with the mess that we have to write everything down that we eat. WRITE IT DOWN. Come on girl!!  Isn’t putting the plate in the dishwasher good enough? Write it down! Gah! Where is she getting this stuff?

What does Christy sound like in my brain? Just push that button there and listen!

Sister Says (this link opens in a Windows Media Player or the player of your choice)  If I was super tech savvy I would have it just push button and go… but I’m not. So there! 😛

Disclaimer: I love Christy and the Sisterhood and I love love love with all my heart these challenges. They are really helping me make better choices and get my buns moving! If you’re not giving it your all and having FUN with this challenge and this whole weight-loss/fitness journey then what are you waiting for? This is LIFE! Make if fun. Make it real! Enjoy it!

This post is Big Sister approved.


4 Responses to "She said what?"

LOVE THIS SO MUCH. And you, too 🙂

OMgosh that is the most hysterical thing I have ever heard. I adore it! Bwahahahahaha. I should put this on my MP3 player and keep it on replay 😉

deb that was so hilarious!!!!!!

I flippin’ LOVE it!!! Hahahaha!

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