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Shrinkvivor Weigh-in #3 or Exile Island Here I Come!

Posted on: September 29, 2010

Shrinkvivor Challenge at the Sisterhood!

Team Naranja

Today is weigh-in #3 of the fabulous Shrinkvivor contest over a the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. I really wish I could say I gave it my all this week but I just didn’t. It was my birthday week and while I did move my butt I didn’t move it enough. One of these years I’m going to be old enough to realize that it’s birthday… DAY. Not week! And maybe limit my celebrating to 24 hours and not spread it out over weeks like I typically do. But I kind of figure at my age I should get all I can out every year right?

And while I ate mostly nutritious and on target I did eat cake nearly every day. Even if it was just a sliver. And… the boy wanted BBQ chicken pizza last night for supper and I just couldn’t resist. I KNOW that if I eat pizza before weigh-in the scale will show a gain. It happens every single time. Tuesday night is the traditional pizza night in our house and for weeks I’ve gone without on Tuesday night and had it Wednesday morning for breakfast instead.  Dammit, I wanted pizza, I ate pizza, now I’m paying the price for pizza. I just hope my Tribe doesn’t pay the price also.

I’m sorry Tribe Naranja. I’ve let you all down.

The official numbers for this week’s challenges:

Water: 602 ounces

Exercise minutes: 107

Pounds lost: 0 (+1 lb gain)

Bah humbug!


7 Responses to "Shrinkvivor Weigh-in #3 or Exile Island Here I Come!"

Don’t you get down on yourself, we all have those days or weeks. I know I have. We have to stick together and I am proud of you for getting you water in, some exercise minutes and lots of water. This week will be better! {{HUGS}}

I hear you…pizza wreaks havoc on me, too. It’s all the sodium!! I love that in the past weeks you’ve chosen to have it for breakfast. What a great trade-off.

Drink lots of water this week and continue to work hard and next week I’ll bet you have an AMAZING loss 🙂

ohhhh pizza.. i have the same problem. can’t you have your family change pizza night to a different night? lol!

and don’t worry about exile island, if we all go, at least we’ll go together!

Maybe having a less than committed week and only gaining one pound says a lot about the physical condition that you’re in now. It was your birthday WEEK so forgive yourself and go forward hopefully not on Exile Island but if so, there are rewards there as well! Really you did a good job for doing bad. Oh and that pizza on Tues night probably did hurt your weigh in but it won’t hurt you in the long run anymore than the pizza did on Wednesday a.m. for breakfast so that’s a wash too.

Sodium on Tuesday is the Devil! My kids always want tacos on Tuesday, but it has become our Wed night dinner because it makes me blow up like a balloon. Switch pizza night to another night and stick with something low sodium on Tuesdays.

Awww shucks, well ya know what? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I, too, celebrate the entire week and not just the day (is it really that bad?) but so what. Slow and steady is how it goes and it only stinks cause it’s a challenge but in real life which is what we’re really in anyway, it’s no big deal.

Hope you had a great birthday!!! xo

Happy Belated Birthday! Don’t be so hard on yourself : ).

Could you move pizza night to Wed instead? I try to plan out my “bad” meals to be earlier in the week, given that weigh-in is on Wednesday.

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