Finally Getting Fit

8 Questions

Posted on: September 27, 2010

I snatched this from Kimberly

1. Who is your hero? Why?

My mom.  She grew up during the great depression in Alabama and pretty much had nothing but hard work. I watched her sacrifice so much for me and the siblings when I was growing up. She always worked so hard and yet always had time for all us.  In the last few years she’s had bilateral knee replacement, open heart surgery, thyroid ablation and NEVER, NEVER complained. She just does what she has to do and moves on. I love that woman.

2. Do you have a garden where your grow your veggies? If not do you try to buy organic or do you find it costs way too much?

No garden and I barely buy organic. They are so freakin’ expensive. I do try to eat veggies every day but mostly they are Green Giant frozen.

3. Do you use exercise videos? What’s your favorite, why?

Occasionally. Mostly I find them annoying. Most of the workouts I do with DVD are dance workouts.

4. Favorite workout music?
Top 40 Pop, Rock, Some Metal, occasionally some Middle Eastern pop. For jogging I use the Podrunner mixes from DJ SteveBoy.

5. How do you measure your progress? If you haven’t reached your goal yet, do you own any skinny clothes you keep to remind you of your goals?
I have some swimsuits that I use as measure.  I also use the scale and the tape measure.

6. Do you have any secrets to keep your energy up for the workouts or your day in general?
No secrets. I just have to get started. Even if I’m not feeling it. Once I get started with a workout it usually turns out pretty good. It’s all a mind game. But I won’t say that it’s always easy to pry my butt off the couch.

7. What would your super power be if you could have one?
I would Super Fatburner. How much do you think people would pay for me to melt their fat? If I couldn’t have that then I would like to fly.

8. If you had the opportunity to move to anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Ireland. It’s so gorgeous there. I really don’t want to move but would love to visit.  I can add Germany, Sweden, Paris, Egypt, Morocco, Brazil, Hawaii, and Iceland to the agenda.

Feel free to tag yourself. Copy, paste, and give us your answers.


1 Response to "8 Questions"

Debbbb you are not round!!! 😦 how tall are you? I like to think that because I’m 5’8 my weight gets distributed better than it would if I was shorter. (whereas my mom is 5’2 and she thinks she’s “round” too) anywhos, don’t even think about that. you are beautiful and definitely on the right track to looking like that photo you posted on the first day of the “LHA” challenge 🙂

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