Finally Getting Fit

The Day After

Posted on: September 25, 2010

Yesterday was my birthday and it was just beautiful. I’m now 45 and more fit than I’ve been in a few years. Not thinner or lighter yet but I’d say more fit. I spent a couple of days celebrating my foray into middle age.

On Thursday my dance sisters and I performed at the Golden Olympics Ballroom dance competition. It was so great to see people 50 and up (!!!!Golden??!!!) still active and moving with grace. We opened the competition with our slower basket/balance routine. Which was rather appropriate as the first dance competition was the slower ballroom dances. We did our fast number next and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it. That was followed by the fast ballroom dances. While the judges tallied votes/scores everyone got out on the dance floor for the Electric Slide, including all the belly dancers!! It was fun. We even got to have our picture made with Ms. Georgia Nursing Home. She was the sweetest little old lady, I would guess she was late 80’s, and she told us all how much she enjoyed our performances.

I was thoroughly impressed by the 80 year old man that had run or biked a race everyday since Monday! I want to be these people. Of course, I only have 5 more years before I qualify!

After the performances we went out to our local Indian restaurant for food and dancing. They usually don’t have a dancer on Thursday nights so we had the floor to ourselves. It was great! One of the gals stopped and bought a cake and I spent some time dancing around with it balanced on my head. Yes, I can do that! The restaurant owner was duly impressed.

On Friday, I stopped by the bakery and picked up the cake I had ordered for work. We’re converting our medical records from paper to electronic so our office is full of training staff right now.  We probably have 9 additional people roaming around. Some from the MotherShip and some from the vendor. I was left with maybe a 5×5 corner of that cake which was fine with me since I had most of the other cake left.

After work I signed up for bootcamp. 🙂  I’m so excited to spend 3 weeks getting my ass kicked. I went out today and bought all the things I needed that I didn’t already have available for traveling. 5 & 8 lbs dumbbells, 10 lbs kettleball, 5 lb weighted ball, 2 lb ankle weights. I have the yoga mat, balance ball, jump rope, and resistance bands. I have a great amount of weights too, but most of them are for the squat rack and I know Coach doesn’t want me hauling the adjustable dumbbells around. Now I have a set I can leave in the car for bootcamp and I have my set in the house for the off week.

I left the boot camp class after giving T my check and headed to Coach’s football game. I was hoping they would mop the field with the other team but half-time they were down 6-0. So, I left. Turns out they won! 14-6! While they were making their comeback I was home with the new hula hoop. I got in 20 minutes of hooping before my hips just went stupid and refused to work 🙂  It was the strangest muscle failure ever!

I am so ready to move forward through the rest of this decade. I told Coach today that by the time I’m 50 I want to be running 10Ks. Not walking. Not walk/run (wogging?). Running. The whole distance.  I’m gonna do it. Just hang around and watch me!


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Happy Belated Birthday!!!
Keep up the good work!!! 🙂

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