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Pics from the Run for Camp Little Shot 5K

Posted on: September 23, 2010

Last Saturday I ran a charity 5K supporting Camp Little Shot. Camp Little Shot is a summer camp for kids with Diabetes.  Most of these kids have Juvenile Diabetes, not Type 2, so they currently have no cure. It really is a great place for these to go to meet other kids with the same social concerns and medical issues and themselves.

I had heard this course was hilly and hard.  I sort of new the area and thought maybe I could do it.  I cold give it a shot. I got my registration in just under deadline.  My race review is here.

Photography disclaimer: I am not a photographer. I took these pictures from my car as you can very well tell from the items reflected in the windshield and the amount dirt and crud you can see.

The start line at the race was nice and flat. We gathered just outside the entrance to The Jones Center.

The nice flat part of the race 🙂

We around the curve and down the road. Turned left at the stop sign and ran down a hill for a few yards ,turned around and got to all the way back up this hill.

This is from the stop sign about half way up the first hill.

The first hill was long and sloping. I ran most of the way but the first mile is still really hard for me. It seems to take forever for me to get my breathing right so I did walk a tiny big of up right near the top.

As I crested the hill this is what I saw:

View from the top of Hill 1

Okay, I’m thinking that’s not too bad. I can do that. I made it down the hill and a teeny bit of the way up Hill #2. It was HOT!  The one thing I haven’t done is run in the sunshine and it was out in force this day.   I finally get to the top of Hill #2 and this is what I see:

Looking at the top of Hill #3

They told us at the start of the race “When you see the American Flag you’ll know you’re almost finished.”  Liars! All of them.  At the top of hill 3 was a kid standing in the middle of the road with a huge American Flag waving it back and forth.  I start telling myself… I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.

By the time I got half-way up that last hill I was nearly in tears because I realized I still had to turn around and do them all again. My thoughts ran along the line of “Did I really sign up for this? Can I really do this? Lord, it’s HOT!! And the old dude just PASSED me! Why can’t the sun get behind those clouds. I want to go back to the shady place. I don’t think I can do this.”  I think if anyone had said anything to me I would have just burst into tears right there. This was HARD!! The hardest thing I’d done so far and I was still mostly walking the hills!!

But I made it to the flag, got some water, turned around, and did them all again.

I look forward to the day when I beat these hills.


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