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Shrinkvivor Challenge Weigh-in #2

Posted on: September 22, 2010

Shrinkvivor Challenge at the Sisterhood!

It’s week two of the Shrinkvivor challenge over at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.

There were two challenges this week. The week’s physicial challenge was to get in as many miles on foot as possible. Daily walking about didn’t count. Only those true exercise miles.

The non-physical challenge was to drink more water. Although my bladder is going to argue about that being non-physical part of that , mkay?

Let me just say I kicked shrinkvivor butt with the water.  I drank 48 ounces on the day the challenge was posted and drank 3 liters a day each day since then for a total of 555 ounces!!!

That’s what it felt like for sure!

Now I bet you want to hear all about how I kick shrinkvivor butt on miles too right. You know a week ago I ran 10 miles in a week… a new high for me.  And then my miles dropped off for a bit. 8 days to be exact. Yeah. 8 days with no miles. Zero. Zilch. Nada.  I have lots of reasons/excuses/whys that I didn’t get out there. But really there was no good reason that I could not have walked those miles instead of running them. I have an elliptical. I could have done that. Last week was just hard for me and I let my physical activity slide. I lazed. I had a head cold that was keeping me up at night. I’m having some breathing and heart issues related to this hyperdriven thyroid that is exacerbated by exertion. I didn’t start to feel better until Sunday night. So my miles for the week:

Want to talk about guilt! Seeing that DailyMile profile with nothing in those days is killing me!

So all this builds up to the big deciding factor… WEIGHT. The person on each tribe with the lowest percentage weight loss gets tossed to Exile Island. Unless of course the other Tribe members VOTE someone off! This is just so stressful! I kept my eating under control this week. I had to considering the pitiful amount of exercise I got in. You can’t just go hogwild and not move your butt! I also got a surprise visit from Auntie Flo yesterday. Although I’m not as bloated as I thought I’d be from that. I guess 555 ounces will do that for ya, huh.

I lost ZERO lbs this week.

0% weight lost

Now to see what this next week’s challenge will bring.


13 Responses to "Shrinkvivor Challenge Weigh-in #2"

Dang girl, you got a lot of water in! Good job!

No biggie that you didn’t lose, you maintained and that’s a success too!

Go Orange!

Awesome job with the water! I’m sorry to hear about your head cold – I hope you are feeling better. I had 0 recordable miles this week, so at least you didn’t do the worst! And again, you may have lost 0, but I gained 5 (water retention ugh!), so don’t feel bad! 🙂 I hope you aren’t voted off the island!

Good luck in the upcoming week! 🙂

Congrats on the water intake!

Adding you as a friend on dailymile.

Way to go drinking all that water! My bladder didn’t agree with the water challenge either 🙂 Don’t worry about not losing (its better than a gain right?) – you will totally see the results soon!

great job with the water. kick aunt flow to the curb, get your feet moving and hopefully next week will show some change on the scale 🙂

What Brooke said: move your feet and the scale will follow! Great job on the water, though. That’s awesome.

Next week will be better! You certainly kicked butt with the water intake!

Don’t you worry about the zero lbs! You drank and did some miles, that is something to be proud of!

And BTW you commented on my blog last week about my donuts, you will be please to know I didn’t eat anymore after that post! LOL!

Not losing any is much better than gaining!!

You did great with everything…next week will show it for sure.

You did great with the water! Keep up the great work and next week will pay off!

No weight gain and you got in a lot of water….sounds like you did great to me!

Good job with your water and in maintaining! You are doing great!

Love your photo of your scale and toes! I did that too!

Good Luck this week!

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